GT3 Architects Nottingham

GT3 Architects in Nottingham get the PLYable treatment to their new office.


For this beautiful, high-ceiling space we were asked to define a route through the area, provide display and storage, and create a range of meeting and project areas.


Our 8x4x1 Meeting Table and two of our 8x4x6 750mm high stools are in pride of place, ideal for impromptu group meetings and standing working.


We developed a mobile room divider to line the circulation route and to provide the display and storage. These allowed access into the meeting area at multiple points, whilst providing just enough presence to enhance the effect of light travelling through the space. Utilising the Kallax range for the shelving cores, this Ikea Hack was clad with birch ply and placed on casters.


For the large project table we applied the same logic to create additional storage, and a base suitable to support a table top made from a full sheet of laminated 8x4 plywood. This was set at 900mm high to allow for a range of practical project work, either from a standing position, or from one of our 8x4x6 650mm high stools.’