Bow Wow Haus

PLYable Kable Kennel Table

The Kable is a dog kennel that turns into a table! Taking inspiration from one of the favourite places dogs tend to linger... under the table, this kennel can be both. Opening up the sides to make the table top also provides ventilation to the dog kennel in the summer months when the table is in use.

It was our entry into the Bow Wow Haus competion for the Blue Cross charity. They are displayed in St Pancras station until 26th April 2018, you can bid on them on line or at the gala auction on the 26th.

The design takes the classic 'snoopy' kennel shape and is formed by a lot of interlocking plywood slats which come together to form the table top and sides of the kennel. With a simple lift of the roof and a tightening of the handles at each end the table is ready to use.